birth name Carli Danielle West-Dowsett nick names Car. Cars. Dani dob / age Feburary 15, 1993 / 23 hometown Seattle, Washington residence Seattle, Washington occupation pharamacy tech relationship status Single parents Holly West (biological mother) Thomas + Alice Dowsett (adoptive parents) siblings tbd West (biological brother) Gavin Dowsett (adoptive brother) vehicle

The start of Carli's life was filled with love, laughter, and many suitcases. More specifically, herself in said suitcases! Her older brother decided it would be a good idea to get rid of his baby sister by airplane. Destination was unknown since he never fessed up to where, exactly, he had planned to send Carli. As she grew older the suitcases got bigger until he finally gave up and started to ignore her. It wasn’t something that sat well with Carli but there was nothing she could do to change that at the time. It wasn’t until she was older and blazing her own path in life that the two became closer and quit the incessant bickering.

At fifteen Carli was just like any teenager. She was a social butterfly, stretching her legs in her first job, and learning how to balance family with all of it. Admittedly she wasn’t the greatest with the balancing act. As much as she loved her family; her friends took priority in her life. She was at work when news of a family emergency rolled in. Despite her brother's desperate pleas to come home and head out to the hospital to say her goodbyes, the teenager scoffed at him and simply stated that she would be by later to visit. Sadly later never came and she missed saying goodbye to her mother by a mere fifteen minutes. Devastated by the news, the stubborn teenager re-prioritized her life. Family naturally started to come first with work and school coming in a close second. She lost a few friends in the process but she viewed it all as a learning experience. There were people that would stick by you no matter what and those that were only there to enjoy the benefits of being friends.

With her brother having just joined the military, Carli was preparing herself for what was to come. Since her most of her family was in another state and unwilling to help she could only see being put in the foster system. Something she wasn't entirely thrilled about but she didn't see any hope until a friend's family stepped forward and offered to take the parent-less teenager in. She was thrilled when the Dowsett's told her the news. Not only would she be able to stay in school and in the only city that seemed to stick, she knew that the family wasn't just in it for the money from the state. When she was within the walls of the Dowsett home, she felt at ease. A weight had been lifted off her shoulders and once again, the teen became the vivacious girl she once was. By the time she turned seventeen she had been officially adopted by the Dowsetts.

Graduation loomed over her head and Carli was faced with the difficult decision of what to do next. There was always the option of staying in Seattle and attending college there. Her family and friends would have been close but, in the end, she felt it best that she head out the city limits to spread her wings. Initially she had planned to go to Texas A&M but in a last minute decision she decided to follow in her mother's footsteps and attend University of Washington. Despite the fact that she would be stepping into her mother's shadow (it wouldn't be the first time!) Carli felt the decision was the right move. What she hadn't expected was breaking up with her high school sweetheart and having to learn what it was like to function on her own. Her footing was shaky at first but with the help of some new friends and fellow sorority sisters, she managed to get things under control before things went too haywire.

Four years later after a lot of hard work and some slightly blurry times; Carli managed to graduate with a BA in Dance. A degree that would go largely unused once she was out in the real world much to her dismay. With no job to her name, at the time, and no other choice; she moved back in with her parents and began the search for a job. Anything would do and, quite frankly, if it got her out of the house she wasn’t going to thumb her nose at it. The freedom she had at college is sorely missed and she wanted nothing more than to get out from under her parents roof. Opportunity came knocking when she stumbled into becoming a pharmacy tech. The job was a blessing in disguise. One that she hasn't looked back on or regretted in the least.

Number One... has known the Dowsett family since she was 11. She and Gavin met in dance class which lead to Holly and Alice becoming fast friends. It's a friendship Carli has been thankful for the last eight years. She doesn't know where she would be without them in her life. Number Two... visits her mother's grave a few times a year. Christmas and Holly's birthday is just two of the times she can be found there. Number Three... is extremely active and keeps in shape with boxing, dancing, and running. She discovered her like of boxing when her brother came home from boot camp and showed her what it was all about. Number Four... is obsessed with Olaf, Perry the Platypus, Harley Quinn, and Harry Potter. No, she's not ashamed of it. Number Five... hates commericals with a passion, so she's turned to watching tv online. Hulu and Netflix are her best friends, because of this she's always behind. Binge show of the month is Crime Scene Investigation. Number Six... has a love of food and doesn't keep herself on a horribly strict diet. in her mind - chinese solves everything. When she's not in the mood to cook she calls up her favorite place and orders enough food for an army Number Seven... loves candles and has them all over her apartment. when stressed she turns off all the lights and does everything by candlelight. Her favorite scents are from Bath & Body Works; warm vanilla sugar, and cranberry peach bellini (discontinued :( ) Number Eight... ironcially likes Lush over Bath and Body when it comes to her bathing arsenal. There is nothing she likes to do more than soak in a bath bomb to pamper herself and relax. Number Nine...

personality / appearance
PERSONALITY ... APPEARANCE Height...5'4"' Build...slender and athletic Eye Hair Color...naturally brunette, dyed blonde, sometimes plays with colors Piercings... nose (right side) both ear lobes, left tragus Tattoos...none to date; could change.


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